I’ve never had a blog before

So essentially, this blog started when I thought I was on track to happily-ever-after-ville with the girl of my dreams, but instead ended up moving to a foreign country alone. Such is life. In order to keep in touch with my homeslices across the globe (the travel bug has bitten most of my peer group), I thought, ‘hey, let’s start a blog’. This way I can keep people in the loop and explore ALL THE FEELINGS at the same time. Genius, right?

So expect to read about my life in general; feelings, travels, academia, experiences, food, day to day living and adjusting to a new country and a new life alone. Expect some of this to be mundane, some of it to be interesting, some of it to be self-indulgent and some of it to be great. I’m starting a new adventure and I’d quite like some cyber-company.